Divine Creations

About Us

We are blessed to be living in an area which is densely planted with olive trees, 12km outside Argos and 18km away from Mycenae in Argolida, Greece.

We have been appreciating the whole process of producing olive oil from the grain to the actual oil since our childhood.

Soap Cakes

The Nature Around Us

As we live in the countryside, we are in contact with nature on a daily basis and our everyday lives are filled with smells of wild flowers and herbs. We decided to utilise all this wealth that nature offers us and which we inherited from our parents, as best as we can.

Our Pure Soaps

Using our own virgin olive oil, our own essential oils (balsam, laurel, chamomile, cypress etc), herbs of our blessed land and adding lots of love, we made our own soaps. They are pure and full of scent, like the nature around us. In a modern workshop, we kept the traditional and natural way of drying and cutting soap.

Our soaps became immediately known for their pureness and their curing action.


Soap Cakes

The Price

The combination of extra virgin olive oil, pure organic herbs, absolute essential oils, natural colours and being handmade make our soaps special. Your skin will definitely benefit from their antioxidant, soothing and moisturising effects.

Given the ingredients and their being handmade, Divine Creations soaps are low-priced and affordable.