Divine Creations

Our Philosophy

DSC 0639Ingredients

Our homemade soaps “Divine Soaps” are made with extra virgin olive oil of our own production, spring water, mixtures of therapeutic herbs with beeswax.

Cold Method

We try not to destroy the divine materials (oil, herbs, beeswax) by using high temperatures and boiling. We use the cold method using the least amount of caustic materials allowed for saponification.

Pure olive oil soaps


A great deal of knowledge, philosophy and experiments went into selecting and combining essential oils and herbs that we use oil soaps in order to achieve the desired aromatic and therapeutic effects.


The colours of our handmade soaps are derived from natural materials. They are pure colours which we can use in food and sweets.

Olive Oil

The key ingredient of traditional soap is extra virgin olive oil (80%).

Strawberry soap cake

Method - Benefits

After the process of cold saponification, what is left in the soap is glycerine.

Through the divine combination of extra virgin olive oil - glycerine - herbs - beeswax and essential oils we create the therapeutic D soap which restores your skin to its natural state, gently takes care of it and keeps it moist and clean.

It is a great pleasure for us to produce pure olive oil soaps which are so valuable to humans. They are as pure as those used centuries before the discovery of chemical elements.

We believe with certainty that the Divine Soaps will change your lifestyle.