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Pure Olive Oil

Pure Olive Oil

Greek Olive Oil

Homer used to call it “liquid gold”.

Hippocrates called it “the best medicine”.

Olive oil has been used in Greece as a cooking ingredient, as medicine, and as a cosmetic substance since antiquity. During Hippocrates’ era, people used olive oil against dermatological conditions.

Ancient Greeks used to rub oil on their bodies and hair long before soap was invented. Ancient Mycenaeans scented their olive oil with various herbs and used it in cooking, on their wounds and as perfume.




Μελανόμορφος Αττικός ΑμορφέαςΕρυθρόμορφος κρατήραςEver since Goddess Athena offered the Greeks this blessed fruit, they started cultivating it and worshiping the earth where it grew. Olive oil production changed people’s lives in diet and cleanliness. In our museums, and in museums all over the world there are countless amphora vases with representations of athletes rubbing olive oil on their bodies, and of people selling olive oil or collecting olives.

Olive oil is tightly bound to the Greek religion, country and culture.